The “Corporate Workout Support” Program.

In this Program P & C is committed to the interests of the borrower. While
management continues to run the business, P & C works on solutions to
the critical financial problems. Our goal is the survival of the Company and
a plan for the Company’s future. Failing that an informal reorganization
will be attempted before a wind-down or liquidation is recommended.      
P &  C catalyzes and helps implement final solutions that will allow all the
parties to move forward in the best possible fashion.

The initial objective is to increase cash flows and to develop a survival
strategy through maximization of resources and profit improvements. We
may  also consider divestiture of all or part of the business; sale of non-
balance sheet assets; establishing of business alliances that may involve
supplementary financing; and the possibility of changing part of

It is vital for P & C to understand the business and market conditions of
the Client. We must have access to inside and outside people and their
candid opinions.

Upfront financial and contractual facts are examined in-depth and it is
necessary to get an idea of the time horizon within which a solution must
be attained. That goes beyond projecting cash flows. The real time limit
may be imposed by corporate policies or continued deterioration in asset

Our Strengths:

We have been in all the roles of a workout situation. We have seen all
outcomes of troubled situations. We are attuned to working with all
outside parties including the creditors

Last but not least we deliver creative workable solutions. Without
compromise we are dedicated to reaching the best possible outcome for
the Client.

Ask for the program folder “Corporate Workout Support”
Corporate Workout Support                                 Passer & Crown, Inc