Nothing works without Trust
Fighting the client is a no-no
A collaborative effort
will succeed
About Our Business - Guiding Principles.

In our client relationships we will always without compromise  
be committed to professionalism,  confidentiality and candor. We
will be honest with the client, even if it will make our further
involvement unnecessary
Our guiding tenets are:

1) Given that two thirds of all failures in international business are
ascribable to cross cultural problems, "cultural fluency"  is crucial
for success in the global economy. Language fluency is an extra  
2) Having had direct hands-on experience with the problems  is a
must. No on-the-job training at the clients expense.
3) Knowing the local market first hand and having local contacts
are invaluable.
4) Value for the client can often be provided at little effort and cost by
involving the many underutilized free services of public agencies in
the US and abroad.
5) Financial restructuring alone most often will not solve the long
term problems of a troubled company. Financial restructuring may
buy time but it will not improve the operating result. The company
may just continue to lose money unless strong operational
improvements are introduced as well.
6) Problem resolution is greatly facilitated if all parties act with a
sense of urgency. We believe in immediate application of the best
available resources to maximize chances of success.
The above is reflected in the staffing of the task force for a particular
assignment. We believe in having part time staff with unique skills
available in strategic world locations, and very few full-time HQ

Our fee structure is geared to the clients situation although hourly
rates predominate. Depending on the situation we may quote a
total project cost, accept a contingency arrangement or even take
an equity position.
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