No Money?
Angry creditors calling?
Behind the 8 ball?
Employees Leaving?
"I'll call
Passer & Crown!"
Are you in trouble?

"It is lonely at the top" regardless of whether you are the owner of
the company or the top manager and CEO.

It is especially so if your company is in trouble. You may feel that
even your closest in-house managers have their own agendas.  
And you may feel that outside advisors understandably are biased
towards their own specialty. ( "If you have a hammer, all problems  
look like nails").

If your company is in trouble you personally  have very hard
decisions to make.  Should we completely change the business
strategy? Could we sell the company? Could we get more outside
financing?  Should we declare bankruptcy? - The options are
numerous and it is often not even clear whether to go full speed
ahead or full speed back.

I have faced such situations with more than 30 companies, in
some of which I had a multi-million dollar personal exposure. I
have been there and done that. I have walked in your shoes.

Passer & Crown Inc offers very personalized confidential services
to the key person(s) responsible for making the crucial decisions
for a troubled company or a really difficult situation.  You will get
totally objective personal advice. These services will always be
provided by me.

You can reach me:
By email -
or by phone (609 7312209).


Keld R. Hansen,

Troubled Companies                                         Passer & Crown, Inc