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Services We Provide

Passer & Crown Inc provides three fundamental services that often
overlap as indicated in the below drawing; i.e. a client's particular
situation may require more than one of the services offered.
1)  *International Trade and Investment*

These services  are available for companies new to the global
market place as well as to  seasoned international players.

Typical assignments offered:

a) Export Readiness Test. We have developed a discussion
frame work of 23 questions encompassing details of a company
and its product for the purpose of determining export readiness.
We will give you our frank opinion.
b) Determining the best foreign markets. A systematic approach
is taken for evaluating alternate markets in view of the Company's
objectives and resources.
c) Selection of Distribution System. We will provide the pros and
cons of alternate distribution systems and help you identify foreign
d) Development of an International Business Plan. All elements
from advertising/marketing to finance and human resources are
included in short and long term plans.
e) Financing the Overseas Venture. Domestic and overseas
financing sources are considered in the context of the business
plan. The proper role of equity is evaluated.
f) SPECIAL SITUATIONS. Historically, resolution of messy
overseas problems (human resources; local government etc.)
has been key assignments for Passer & Crown. Often US
management are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the factors
causing a precarious foreign situation.

2) *Investment Banking*

Again we are talking about both middle market clients and larger

Typical assignments offered:

a) Evaluation of Capital Requirements. Often companies fail with
new ventures because of improper determination of capital
requirements. They obtain enough money to finance a failure but
not enough to fund a success.
b) Identification of Sources of Funds. Often we first focus on
untraditional foreign and domestic sources that can provide more
than money. (Market insight; joint venture partner et al) before
evaluating standard debt or equity financing.
c) Corporate Refinancing. In the middle market the financial
structure of a company is often inappropriate after large growth
and ad hoc additions to the financial structure. Continued growth
may require a complete change of the financial structure
consistent with realistic growth plans.

3) * Assistance to Troubled Companies*

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